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Parkeren bij Maasvlakte Plaza

Your CargoCard can be used at the parking of Maasvlakte Plaza as an access and payment card.  Via Secure Online you can select this option free of charge. You will receive an invoice of all transactions periodically. 

Parking tariffs of MV Plaza can be found here 

What do the e-mails with subject ‘Indication Expired’ concern?

These e-mails concern the safety instructions that a driver needs to follow before being allowed to access the APM Terminals Maasvlakte 2 and RWG. The validity of these instructions are expired or are about to expire.

What should you do?

You have to do nothing specific. It just means, the driver must follow the instructions again when he / she is at APM II or RWG.


Is the CargoCard still valid?

Yes it is. The e-mails are only to advise you about the validation off the safety instructions and do not affect the validity of the CargoCard.


Can I stop these e-mails ?

No. You can however manage your e-mail by setting rules which enables you to divert the e-mails to a special folder. Please google: manage e-mail messages by using rules and you will find clear instructions.

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