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Secure Logistics

Secure Logistics develops and supplies identity and access management systems that link information and identity, optimising the security in your work environment and accelerating and simplifying (logistic) processes.

Secure Logistics aims for standardisation within the port, logistics and industrial sectors in the Netherlands in order to increase efficiency. With more than 35,000 biometric verifications per day Secure Logistics is an experienced forerunner in the area of biometric identification. In addition to the daily ongoing development of the biometric access management system the experts at Secure Logistics are able to quickly and effectively respond to your company-specific requirements.

The services and solutions provided by Secure Logistics correspond with the requirements of the customer that fit in with the current situation of companies, with security and efficiency being the starting points.

Optimum certainty with biometrics

By using biometrics Secure Logistics links unique information to the individual. This provides optimum certainty about the identity and the associated (security) information of the card user, eliminating identity fraud.

Would you like to find out more about the possibilities for your business? Do you have company-specific requirements? Do you have systems that may complement the systems of Secure Logistics? Do you have other ideas? Please feel free to contact us for an obligation-free chat.


Certified and non-profit-driven

Secure Logistics was established more than fifteen years ago. We are ISO9001- and ISO14001 certified, permit third-party audits and are registered with the Dutch Data Protection Authority (AP). We are a 100% subsidiary of the Deltalinqs interest group and are a non-profit-driven organisation.

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