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The biometrics-based smartcards and systems supplied by Secure Logistics assist and support companies with their identity and access management. The experts at Secure Logistics are able to quickly and effectively respond to the requirements of the customer, offering company-specific and customer-oriented solutions. To date there are more than 25,000 public smartcards in circulation, mainly in the port and industrial complex of Rotterdam, Maasvlakte I and Maasvlakte II.

Secure Logistics smartcards for you

The Secure Logistics biometric smartcards have many advantages, such as verified and reliable information, a fraud-resistant access registration system, ease of use, administrative convenience, quick handling and processing of information.

Smartcards and the XS-Key system

The XS-Key system connects and supports the port, logistics and industrial sectors by verifying, monitoring and securely and quickly accessing verified personal information. This information may be relevant to a logistic process, access control or access to the workplace. The XS-Key system works in conjunction with three public smartcards:

CargoCardPortKey and Digital Safety Passport.

If you would like more background information about the Secure Logistics biometric solutions, or if you have technical questions, please contact us or check out the FAQ.



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