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CargoCard @Cool Port

Kloosterboer Cool Port
Albert Plesmanweg 250 (Portno. 2450)
Tel: +31 88 5549900

Opening hours: 

Monday till Friday: 6 am till 10 pm

Saturday: 8 am till 11.30 am. 

With the introduction of the Truck Apppointment System and the CargoCard, Kloosterboer Cool Port has optimized its logistic process making Cool Port one of the most efficient temperature controlled stores in the region.

Please apply for your CargoCard timely

Kloosterboer Cool Port is obliged to register 100% of its visitors by law. By using the CargoCard for his purpose, waiting time has been minimised. Therefore you will only be able to access the terminal if you have a valid CargoCard.
CargoCard offers transport companies a 60% time saving on extra parking, getting in – and out of the truck and idle waiting time for registration and identification.

Moreover you do not need to hand in or have your ID document scanned at the gate anymore, which in terms of Privacy is a considerable advantage. Besides Kloosterboer Cool Port, you can use your CargoCard at more than 65 locations in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany.

Apply now

Pick up & Activate

After you have applied for your CargoCard, you can pick up your CargoCard and activate it at our location, after which your CargoCard is ready for use. You will only get access to Kloosterboer Cool Port if you have a valid CargoCard.

The Truck Appointment System and the CargoCard

Through registration via the Kloosterboer Internet Portal in combination with the CargoCard, Kloosterboer knows exactly when you will be delivering or collecting your goods. As a result, planning and scheduling can be optimized and your truck can be loaded or unloaded as quickly as possible and t you do not need to stay on site any longer than is required - no more unnecessary waiting around.

How does the Truck Appointment System and the CargoCard work?

1. The transport company receives an order from its client.
2. Using the Kloosterboer Internet Portal, the transport planner books a date and time slot for the loading and / or unloading of goods. Details regarding the truck driver, such as name or CargoCard * number as well as license plate of the truck are required.
3. Once booked in the system, it sends an automatic confirmation message with a unique visit ID.
4. On the appointed day and time, as selected in the booking process, the driver reports to the Cool Port pre-gate. Using automatic number plate recognition (License Plate Recognition) the booking is verified and the unique visit ID appears on the screen.
5. The driver then presents his CargoCard in front of the post and once recognised by the system, he receives a barcode ticket indicating the dock number. The driver is then given access to the terminal. Upon arrival at the designated dock, the driver reports to a terminal employee for loading / unloading.


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