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CargoCard @ Rotterdam Short Sea Terminals
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Rotterdam Short Sea Terminals

Rotterdam Short Sea Terminals is currently replacing its Terminal Operating System. The new TOS will be live in the second half of this year. One of the changes associated with this is the realization of a self service desk. This will ensure an optimization of our gate processes. Detailed information on this subject will be announced later. The first steps toward an optimized and more secure process are elaborated below:

Please request a CargoCard as soon as possible

From 1 July 2017, the use of the Secure Logistics CargoCard will be mandatory for all truck visits to Rotterdam Short Sea Terminals (RST). In the current procedure it is possible to use a terrain card, which can be acquired at the security lodge at the cost of 15 EUR. As of July 1, this is no longer possible due to the increased security requirements at our terminal. During the transition period starting from May 22, 2017, it will only be possible to obtain a terrain card for Rotterdam Short Sea Terminals at the Secure Logistics location on the Antonie Bodaanweg 99, Rotterdam. The rate for this service is 15 EUR (equal to the current rate at RST). This service is limited to two times for each driver. After these two times, it is no longer possible to enter Rotterdam Short Sea Terminals without a valid CargoCard. This means that from May22, 2017 it is no longer possible to obtain a terrain card at the Reeweg Security lodge.

The advantage of the CargoCard to the truck driver is that he will save a lot of time on the additional parking at the security lodge and during the process of identification. In addition, no portable ID documents need to be consulted or scanned, to protect the driver's privacy. The obtained advantage is not just at RST, because the CargoCard is now being used in more than 65 locations in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany. In addition, the use of the CargoCard offers the possibility of further optimizing our gate processes and develop the City Pre-Gate at Rotterdam Short Sea Terminals. The obligation of the CargoCard will also apply to all members of the City terminal (Kramer and Rail Service Center).

Click here to request your CargoCard now!

Transition to finger scan
During the second half of this year (after the transition to the new system), the identification of drivers visiting our terminal will take place based on the Finger scan instead of the hand scan. This means that the CargoCard of each driver who visits RST will have to contain his/hers Finger scan. The procedure will change according to this, visiting drivers will have to use Finger scan instead of handscan.

Drivers who didn’t register their Finger scan on their CargoCard earlier can update their card for free at the Secure Logistics location at the Antonie Bodaanweg. At the time of transition to the new Terminal Operating System, Rotterdam Short Sea Terminals will facilitate a location inside our office to add the Finger scan on the CargoCard. If you do not have a CargoCard with a Finger scan yet, we recommend that you report to the Antonie Bodaanweg after May 15 2017, to add it to your CargoCard.

Antonie Bodaanweg
At the temporary Secure Logistics office on the Antonie Bodaanweg parking you can pick up and activate your CargoCard upon request. From this moment on, the CargoCard is ready for use. On this location you can also add the Finger scan to your CargoCard. Parking on this secure parking is free for the first hour, so there are no additional costs for the truck driver. If don’t have a CargoCard, you can obtain a terrain card for a visit to Rotterdam Short Sea Terminals on the Antonie Bodaanweg with a maximum of twice per driver. Starting July 1 2017, you will only have access to Rotterdam Short Sea Terminals if you hold a valid CargoCard.

Truckparking Bodaanweg Antonie Bodaanweg 99 3088 KG Rotterdam

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