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portkA PortKey is a biometrics-based smartcard that gives users secure and efficient access to 98% of the locations in Mainport Rotterdam that have an ISPS obligation. The PortKey contains the personal data and authorisations of the visitor and information about the employer. This makes it possible to determine the identity of the user and additional information about his/her activities.

The benefits 

  • portkeyV2Easy to use.
  • Time saving in (access) verification.
  • Elimination of identity fraud.
  • Acces to a number of port facilities.
  • Link to (existing) acces or security systems.
  • Real-time verification through linking to (existing) acces systems.

Would you like to know what time savings you can achieve with the PortKey? Do you have questions about the further possibilities of this smartcard? Would you like to know what a PortKey can mean for you? In that case it would certainly be interesting to talk about this in more details. Please contact us for an obligation-free chat or advice.

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Register your company for a Portkey

A contract with Secure Logistics is needed to apply for a Portkey. After the contract is finalised, you can apply for the Portkey. The contract is free unless it should be made with urgency.

Click here to apply for a contract.

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