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For the production and use of a PortKey Secure Logistics charges the following:

Prices for 2019 are:

Productiion of a PortKey® 36,25
Annual subscription      
Price per card for the first 100 cards (nrs 1-100) 52,25 Aanvragen
Discountl 1
Price per card for following 150 cards (nrs 101-250)
€   47,15 Aanvragen
Discount 2
Price per card for following 250 cards (nrs 251-500)
44,60 Aanvragen
Discount 3
Price per card for all following cards
42,60 Aanvragen

This scale is applies to all cards active on the first of January of each year. s

All applications and mutations will have to applied via Secure Online. For each application received by e-mail or mail we will charge Euro 15,00 extra as administration costs. 

Check here for a price explanation.

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