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Logistics companies are increasingly using data to work more efficiently, to share information with customers more quickly and to reduce CO2 where possible. Using your data effectively therefore provides added value; for yourself, your customers and the logistics chain as a whole.

Using data properly offers opportunities and challenges. However, it does take some effort to do it the right way. You have to think about data availability (availability), what insights does it provide (analytics) and how do you exchange data (connectivity).

Identification, authentication and authorization
Secure Logistics plays an important role in the field of connectivity. Because before you share data with each other, you have to be sure who you are dealing with. We call this identification and authentication. This is well arranged with our XS-ID, as an integral part of the CargoCard.

The next step is that you have control over which specific piece of information you exchange with each other. This is called authorization. Because of the relationship between knowing who you share data with and what you want to share with that person, companies prefer to use the same agreements for Identification, Authentication and Authorization (IAA). This way you avoid having to make separate agreements for each data exchange. The iSHARE data sharing scheme, developed by the Top Sector Logistics, is a generic standard that you can use for this.

We got to know Poort8 through the iSHARE initiative. Where we specialize in Identification and Authentication, Poort8 is an expert in the field of Authorization. This combination allows us to help companies gain control over data exchange. The correct design in the field of connectivity, data availability and data analytics ensures that data is integrated into internal systems and can be used to improve the logistics process.

Getting started
Many organizations want to start using, utilizing and sharing their data and are looking for the best way to do this. It all starts with a good analysis of what is already there and answering questions such as "How do I answer data questions from my customers"? "How do I deal with emerging data platforms"?

Do you recognize these questions and do you want to make a serious start? Poort8 offers a free benchmark ( This benchmark provides you insights into how your company is doing compared to other organizations in logistics; in the field of data availability, data analysis and data sharing. Mail for questions or an appointment to

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