Secure Logistics introduces secure login with digital identity
XS-ID: Safe login in your work environment

Hutchison Ports ECT Rotterdam (ECT) offers drivers the opportunity to log in to the ECT app with the XS ID of Secure Logistics. ECT therefore opts for data sharing based on a trusted digital identity.

The ECT app keeps users informed of service messages, operational information, such as the handling of trucks at the terminals and the object status and news messages. This provides users with targeted information and allows them to better plan their visit to the terminal.

Logging in to the App is now optimally secured with the XS ID of Secure Logistics. The XS-ID is a digital identity intended for the work environment and contains validated information about the identity and qualifications of the user and his employer.

Secure login
Secure Logistics director Cor Stolk: “As a user, you want to log in safe and secure. If you do that with your XS-ID, you can be confident that your data will only be used for logging in. It is no secret that personal data that you provide via Google or Windows is used for other purposes. The XS-ID is precisely for preventing unwanted distribution. The method of data collection, sharing and protection is the same as we have been using for the CargoCard, Digital Safety Passport and Portkey for more than 20 years. In addition, you can only use the XS-ID with verified sites and Apps, which ensures that you do not send your personal data to a phishing site. The XS-ID naturally complies with the guidelines of the General Data Protection Regulation ”.

The extensive digitization of the logistics chain requires uniformity so that data can be shared efficiently. The iSHARE appointment system ( offers participants the opportunity to do this. Both ECT and Secure Logistics are affiliated with iSHARE. The collaboration within the framework of the ECT-App is a first step towards data sharing via the iSHARE appointment system. Secure Logistics is the first certified Identity provider in the iSHARE system.

The XS-ID is now available for XS-Key users (CargoCard, PortKey and Digital Safety Passport). Later this year, the XS-ID can also be requested separately.