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Together with BPI Services, identity provider Secure Logistics has developed the XS-ID Intake app. This app provides user friendly and privacy safe online identification. This method of identification works independently of time and place. To ensure a high level of reliability, the app performs a holder verification and checks the international identity document.

Single Identity

After going through the app, the user of Secure Logistics receives a so-called XS-ID. This digital identity offers the user the possibility to login with a single identity to the XS-ID platform of Secure Logistics, but also to log on to applications of third parties. This has the advantage that the user has a secure, business digital identity at his disposal and has certainty about who he is logged in to. This eliminates the risk of logging into a malicious or spoofed site.

Roald Horsten, ICT Manager Secure Logistics: 'For decades we have been the identity provider for port communities and related sectors in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany. Initially we focused on physical access. However, we see that physical and online access are coming closer and closer together. With the XS-ID Intake app, we offer the same reliability when it comes to digital access. The identification tool of BPI Services gave us the opportunity to develop this app both user friendly and secure. Our XS-ID platform is ready for the future'. 

Vincent van der Greef, Business Development Manager BPI Services: ' Online identification & registration is becoming increasingly important for companies to welcome customers and employees. Our ID scan app enables companies to easily and securely carry out an identity determination and process the data for an onboarding process. We are therefore proud of the pleasant and successful cooperation with Secure Logistics in this innovative project'.