The CargoCard protects against identity fraud and makes an important contribution to a smooth, problem-free and reliable logistics process. A truck driver can use the CargoCard to go to a large number of locations for the efficient supply, discharge and transit of goods. You can also pay with your CargoCard at a large number of secure truck parks and truck washes.

The CargoCard is a biometrics-based smartcard. The CargoCard contributes to a smooth, privacy friendly and reliable logistics process. Using this smartcard, drivers can access a large number of locations for the efficient delivery, pick-up and transit of goods.

The benefits

  • 60% time saving for drivers.
  • Unique biometric identification.
  • Elimination of identity fraud.
  • Easy to use.
  • No PIN required.
  • Shorter processing times through electronic preregistration of containers.
  • Real-time verification through linking to (existing) access systems.
  • Weather and vandalism-resistant pillars with card reading equipment.

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Register your company for a CargoCard

A contract with Secure Logistics is needed to apply for a CargoCard. After the contract is finalised, you can apply for a CargoCard. The contract is free unless it should be made with urgency.

CargoCard use

All information on the use of the CargoCard can be found on our website