The Digital Safety Passport offers a smart, fast and AVG-proof work process.  All registered information is protected with a biometric template. Monitoring and validation are taken care off via an automated process. The Digital Safety Passport is strictly personal and can be used both on- and offline.

Training and safety instructions are kept almost completely automated and the validity of all instructions is monitored. No more hassle with unclear stamps, copies and surprises at the gate due to expired instructions. That saves administration and time at the gate.

Consulting the information can be done in various ways. Anyone with a DSP can always view his / her data via a secure web application.

The Digital Safety Passport (DSP) is a biometrics-based smartcard. The Digital Safety Passport  is very reliable and strictly personal. All the pertinent information about the person, including his or her safety and training qualifications, is linked to the card. The information can be accessed in a number of ways. The DSP holder can access his or her information at any time via a secure web application. What does it look like? You can see an example here. This is actually a digital 'Personal Safety Logbook'.

The benefits:

  • Easy to use.
  • Time saving in (access) verification.
  • Elimination of identity fraud.
  • Automatic updating of qualifications from educational registers.
  • Digital stamping of the on-site safety instructions.
  • Real-time verification through linking to (existing) acces systems.
  • Links in hour registration systems and preregistration systems.
  • Automatic notifications with respect to the validity of a training course or ID.

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Register your company for a Digital Safety Passport

A contract with Secure Logistics is needed to apply for a Digital Safety Passport. After the contract is finalised, you can apply for the Digital Safety Passport.

How to use your Digital Safety Passport 

All information regarding the use of your Digital Safety Passport in one overview: