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Digital Safety Passport  – How to apply

You can apply for Digital Safery Passports via XS-ID Online (formerly Secure Online). Via this portal you can manage the information of your DSP's. Your dashboard will show information on expirations of information registered on the DSP's so that you can take action timely. 

Also you can see your open invoices. Please note that payment arrears will result in blocking your account. This means you can not use your DSP's anymore. Should we have to unblock your account we will charge all regular costs for concluding a contract.  

Should you wish to apply for a Digital Safety Passport, but you don't have a contract yet? Via the button you can conclude your contract.

When will I receive my DSP?

If you apply for a Digital Safety Passport on a workday before 1:00 pm we will send you the card in the post that same day. 

Applying by e-mail or post 

We charge an extra administration fee for applications that are not submitted via Secure Online but by e-mail or post, for example. These applications will be processed within 3 working days, so please submit your applications via Secure Online if at all possible.


Secure Logistics charges a fee for the production and use of the Digital Safety Passport® (DSP).
Prices per 1 January 2021. Alle prices in Euro's, excl. VAT

Step 1ExplanationNon-recurringAnnually
Onboarding new company, apply for trusted company ID, incl. EAN numberIncl. 1 user/XS-ID

Entering the trusted ID community
Check permits
Check Chamber of Commerce
Check credibilitty
Assign EAN nr.

Seap 2Non-recurringAnnually
*EAN subscriptionMonitoring and checks on compliancy incl. 1 user12,50
Step 3Non-recurringAnnually
Subscription **XS-ID Online Manage your contract via the XS-ID Online portal 

Manage XS-ID's for employees
When applicable: Access to Training matrix
Interfaces with training and certification registers

Optional extra user(s), see step 4
Step 4 Non-recurringAnnually
Intake new employee15,00
Subscription XS-IDYour phone as personal safety logbookAccess to digital workspace, apps25,00
Registration of training, certificates and instructions  
Step 5
always combined with
step 4
Production of DSP XS-Key (valid for 5 years)Physical access with smartcards17,50
Subscription DSP0,00
Urgency pick up costs MV Plaza15,00
Process mutations via Secure Logistics15,00
Urgency costs contract application50,00

Please find an explanation here

*The EAN number subscri[tion is mandatory and monitors compliancy of your contract

**Competency management portal with real-time registration and expiry monitoring of training courses in a.o. registers:

  • Central Diploma Register (SSVV);
  • Examination register Stichting Industriële Reiniging [Industrial Cleaning Foundation].
  • Examination register Deltalinqs Instructions
  • Generieke Poortinstructie voor de Bouw
  • Helix Register

Please note following:

- All prices are excl. VAT
- Annual subscription will have to be paid in advance
- No restitution of subscription fees
- Subscription minimum 1 year
- Payment within 30 days after receipt of invoice
- Prices may be subject to change