Kloosterboer links safety training to CargoCard

Logistics service provider Kloosterboer has expanded its location in the port of Vlissingen-East with an automated and extremely durable reefer container terminal. It is expected to handle 250,000 TEU annually.

Safety is paramount at the terminal
The ultra-modern container terminal is equipped with automatic unmanned gates. To gain access to the container terminal, the CargoCard is used, with which drivers register and identify themselves.

All drivers entering the container terminal are required to undergo safety training. The driver registers via the website with the unique user-id number. After successful completion, the result is registered on the CargoCard. Thanks to the registration on the CargoCard, Kloosterboer guarantees that only drivers with valid safety instructions will enter the terminal.

To make this possible, Helix Trainingen and Secure Logistics have realized a link between the two systems on behalf of Kloosterboer. Jeroen Hoogstraten, Secure Logistics: "The CargoCard offers perfect options for registering attestations such as safety instructions. We already do this for dozens of terminals. The local access management system then checks fully automatically whether the driver meets all conditions for access. That saves time and therefore money for both parties ".

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